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Compiled by Margaret J. Keefe

Faculty Publications 2014

Plant Sciences

Alm, Steven R.  SEE: Hampton, Emily.

Berger, Kathryn A., Howard S. Ginsberg, Katherine D. Dugars, Lutz H. Hamel and Thomas N. Mather. "Adverse Moisture Events Predict Seasonal Abundance of Lyme Disease Vector Ticks (Ixodes scapularis)." Parasites & Vectors. 7:181. 2014.  8p.

Berger, Kathryn A.; Rulison, Eric L., Kaetlyn T. Kerr, Megan C. Dyer, Seungeun Hans, Russell L. Burked, Jean I. Tsao and Howard S. Ginsberg. "Minimal Role of Eastern Fence Lizards in Borrelia Burgdorferi Transmission in Central New Jersey Oak/Pine Woodlands." Journal of Parasitology. 100(5):78-582. 2014.

Berger, Kathryn A., Howard S. Ginsberg, L. Gonzalez and T. N. Mather. "Relative Humidity and Activity Patterns of Ixodes scapulaqris (Acadi: Ixodidae)." Entomology. 51(4):769-776. July 2014.

Dellaporta, Stephen K.  SEE: Howard, Thomas P. 3rd.

Ginsberg, Howard S.  SEE also: Berger, Kathryn A.

Ginsberg, Howard S., Subject Editor. Journal of Medical Entomology. Vol.51, 2014.

Ginsberg, Howard S., Board of Editors. Northeastern Naturalist. Vol21, 2014.

Ginsberg, Howard S. "Tick Control; Trapping, Biocontrol, Host Management, and Other Alternative Strategies."  IN: Biology of Ticks, Second Edition, Edited by Daniel E. Sonenshine and R. Michael Roe. Oxford. 2:409-444.

Hampton, Emily, Carissa Koski, Olivia Barsoian, Hezther Faubdrt. Richard S. Cowles and Steven R. Alm. "Use of Early Ripening Cultivars to Avoid Infestation and Mass Trapping to Manage Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in Vaccinium corymbosum (Ericalesa: Ericacae)." Horticultural Entomology. 2014.

Howard, Thomas P. 3rd., Andrew P. Hayward, Anthony Tordillos, Christopher Fragosa, Marie A. Moreno, Joe Tohme, Albert P. Kausch, John P. Mottinger and Stephen K. Dellaporta. "Identification of the Maize Gravitropism Gene Lazy Plant1 by a Transposom-Tagging Genome Resequencing Strategy." PLoS One. 9(1):E87053. January 31, 2014.

Mather, Thomas N.  SEE: Berger, K. A.; Pichu, Sivakamasundari.

Mitkowski, Nathaniel A and Bridget Ruemmele. Plants, People and the Planet: An Introductory Guide to Horticulture. Cognella Academic Publishing. 2014.  184p.

Mueller, Walter C. "Cherish 'Conservative and Christian Views' (Letter)." South County Independent. June 5, 2014.  p.A8.

Mueller, Walter C. "Latin Mass Promotes Participation and Understanding (Letter)." Rhode Island Catholic. August 21, 2014.  p.21.

Mueller, Walter C. "Let History Be Your Guide (Letter)." Rhode Island Catholic. December 4, 2014.  p.13.

Mueller, Walter C. "Pragmatic Approach to Divorced Catholics Will Erode the Faith (Letter)." Rhode Island Catholic .September 25, 2014.  p.132.

Mueller, Walter C. "Revolutionary Changes in Mass Prompt Debate (Letter)." Rhode Island Catholic. September 11, 2014.  p.13.

Pichu, Sivakamasundari, Jose M. A. Roberio, Thomas N. Mather and Ivo M. B. Francischetti. "Purification of a Serine Protease and Evidence for a Protein C. Activator From the Saliva of the Tick, Ixodes scapularis." Toxicon. 77:32-39. January 2014.

Ruemmele, Bridget.  SEE: Mitkowski, Nathaniel A.

Rulison, ErIC


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