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Last updated: 9/26/13

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University Libraries Library Guides (LibGuides)



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  24-Hour Study Room



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  About the University Libraries
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Access Policy, General
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Addresses
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Administration, Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Application for Individual Graduate Research/Study Carrel
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Archives
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  AskRI Statewide Databases
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Assignment Guides



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Barcode, Understanding Your Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Bibliography, Faculty Publications
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Book, Suggest a
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Books, New
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Brown University, Access to Libraries
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Brown University, JOSIAH Catalog, online borrowing from
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  By-Laws, Library Faculty



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  CCE Library (see College of Continuing Education Library)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  CCE Library Group Study Room Policy (see Providence Campus Library Group Study Room Policy (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  CRIARL Borrowing Cards Policy
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance, The (Copyright Clearance Center)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Cancellations, Journal, Historical
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Carrel Policy, Individual Graduate Research
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Circulation
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Closing Procedures
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Code of Conduct, Library Patron (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Collection Development Manual (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Collection Management
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  College of Continuing Education Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  College of University Libraries (Academic Division home page)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Commercial Pattern Archive
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Computer Help (see Information Technology Services Help Desk)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Computer Lab (see Student Computing Facilities)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Confidentiality of Library Records, HELIN Policy on
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Connect from Off-Campus (see Remote Access to Library Online
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Conduct, Library Patron Code of  (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Contact Information
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  COPA (Commercial Pattern Archive)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Copying, Printing, and Scanning
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Copyright and Fair Use FAQ for Professors (Association of Research Libraries)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Copyright brochure for faculty & teaching assistants from the Association of Research Libraries: Know Your Copy Rights—What You Can Do
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Creating Effective Library Assignments
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  CRIARL Borrowing Cards Policy
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Curriculum Materials Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Cuts, Serial, Historical



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Databases, Rhode Island Resident Access to - AskRI
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Dean’s Office, Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Department of Technical Services
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Department of Public Services
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  DigitalCommons@University of Rhode Island
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  DigitalCommons@URI Policies and Guidelines (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Directions to URI Campuses and Campus Maps
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Directory of Kingston Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Displays in the University Library Lobby, Past
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Distance Learners, Library Services for
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Diversity Statement
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Donated Books Form (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Donations to the University Libraries (books and materials)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Donations to the University Libraries (financial support)



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  E-Journals by Title and Subject
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  E-Renewal
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  E-Reserves
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  E-Resources, New
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Effective Library Assignments, Creating
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Elections, Library Faculty
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Electronic Journals by Title and Subject
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Electronic Reference, See IM URILibrarian
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Emergency Protocol, Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  “Executive Report on Information Literacy”



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Faculty and Staff, Contact Information
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Faculty By-Laws, Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Faculty Elections, Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Faculty Publications Bibliography
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Faculty, Quick Links for
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Fair Use and Copyright FAQ for Professors (Association of Research Libraries)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  FAQs for Faculty
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  FAQs for Graduate Students
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  FAQs for Undergraduates
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Feinstein College of Continuing Education Library (see College of
    Continuing Education Library)

orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Fine Policy (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Floorplan of Kingston Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Form, Donated Books (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Form, Galanti Lounge Reservation Request (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Form, Laptop Loan Agreement (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Form, Volunteer Information
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Forms



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Galanti Lounge
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Galanti Lounge Policy (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Galanti Lounge Reservation Request Form (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Gallery, University Library, Past Exhibits
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  General Access Policy
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  General Guides
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Gift Policy (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Gifts to the University Libraries (books and materials)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Giving to the University Libraries (financial support)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Government Publications
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Graduate Students, Quick Links for
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Group Study Room Policy (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Group Study Room Policy, Providence Campus Library (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Group Study Rooms



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  HELIN Library Catalog
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  HELIN Library Consortium
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  HELIN Loan
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  HELIN Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Help Desk, Information Technology Services
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Hours, Library



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  IM URILibrarian
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Impact Statement Forms, Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Individual Graduate Research Carrel Policy
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Individual Graduate Research/Study Carrel Application
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  InfoRhode Tutorials
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Information Literacy at the University of Rhode Island, Plan for
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Information Literacy: Challenges for the Future (executive report)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  “Information Literacy Executive Report”
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Information Technology Services Help Desk
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  InRhode Catalog
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Inscriptions
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Instant Messaging Reference Assistance (IM URILibrarian)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Institutional Repository, see DigitalCommons@University of Rhode Island
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Instruction and Information Literacy
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Instruction @ the URI Libraries [Newsletter]
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Interlibrary Loan
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Interlibrary Loan Forms — Kingston and CCE Libraries
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Interlibrary Loan Forms — Pell Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Internet Resources
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Internet Search Tools



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  JOSIAH Catalog, Brown University, Online Borrowing From
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Journal Cancellations, Historical
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Journals, Electronic, by Title and Subject



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Know Your Copy Rights—What You Can Do (a brochure for faculty & teaching assistants from the Association of Research Libraries)



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Laptop Loan Agreement Form (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Learning Commons
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  LIB 120: Introduction to Information Literacy
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  LIB 140: Special Topics in Information Literacy
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  LIB 220: Issues of the Information Age
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  LibQUAL+ Survey Results
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Administration
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Dean’s Office
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Emergency Protocol
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Faculty By-Laws
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Faculty Elections
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Gallery Past Exhibits
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Lobby Past Displays
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Impact Statements — Procedures and Forms
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Mission Statement (see Univ. of R.I. Libraries Mission Statement)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Patron Code of Conduct (pdf)

orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Policies
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Services for Distance Learners
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Skills Tutorial
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Statistics
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Technology Plan (see University Libraries Technology Plan)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Vision Statement (see Univ. of R.I. Libraries Vision Statement)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Library Webmaster
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Lobby, University Library, Past Displays
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Lockers
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Lost-and-Found



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Maps & Directions — URI campuses
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Media Resource Center
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Microforms
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Mission Statement, University of Rhode Island Libraries



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  National Sea Grant Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  New Books
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  New E-Resources
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Non-Solicitation Policy (pdf)



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Ocean State Libraries
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Off-Campus, Connect From (see Remote Access to Library Online

orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Online Journals By Title And Subject
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Open Access Policy, URI
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Organizational Chart, University Libraries [June 2012] (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Other Libraries’ Catalogs



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Past Displays in the University Library Lobby
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Past Exhibits in the University Library Gallery
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Patron Code of Conduct, Library (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Pattern Archive, Commercial
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Pell Marine Science Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Plagiarism, Avoiding and Detecting
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Plan for Information Literacy at the University of Rhode Island
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policies, Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policies and Guidelines, DigitalCommons@URI (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy and Procedures, Volunteer
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, CRIARL Borrowing Cards
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, Fine (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, Galanti Lounge (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, General Access
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, Gift (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, Group Study Room (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, Group Study Room, Providence Campus Library (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, Individual Graduate Research Carrel
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, Non-Solicitation (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, Presentation Practice Room (Learning Commons) (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, University of Rhode Island Libraries Preservation (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy, URI Open Access Policy
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records, HELIN
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Presentation Practice Room
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Presentation Practice Room Policy (Learning Commons) (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Preservation Policy, University of Rhode Island Libraries (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Printing, Copying, and Scanning
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Providence Campus Library, URI
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Providence Campus Library Group Study Room Policy (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Proxy Server (see Remote Access to Library Online Resources)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Publications, Faculty, Bibliography
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Public Libraries in Rhode Island (OSL)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Public Services, Department of





orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Rare Book Collections
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Recall a Book
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Reference
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Reference Assistance, Instant Messaging (IM URILibrarian)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Reference Databases
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Reference Databases, Rhode Island Resident Access to
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Regional Libraries — Access
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Remote Access to Library Online Resources
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Repository, Institutional, see DigitalCommons@University of Rhode Island
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Research Carrel Policy, Individual Graduate
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Research/Study Carrel Application, Individual Graduate
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Reserves
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Rhode Island Book Collection
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Rhode Island Public Libraries (OSL)



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Scanning, Printing, and Copying
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Sea Grant Library, National
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Search Requests for Missing Library Materials
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Search Tools, Internet
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Selectors, Subject
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Serial Cuts, Historical
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Skills Tutorial, Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Special Borrowers’ Cards
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Special Collections
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Staff and Faculty, Contact Information
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Staff by Unit
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Staff by Last Name
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Statistics, Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Storage Area
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Strategic Goals and Initiatives, University Libraries 2011-2016 [May 2011]
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Student Computing Facility

orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Study Room, 24-Hour
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Study Rooms, Disability Services
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Subject Guides
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Subject Selectors
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Suggest a Book



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Technical Services, Department of
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Technical Services Procedures Wiki
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Technology Plan, University Libraries
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Text Reference Assistance, Instant Messaging (IM URILibrarian)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Trials, Database
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Tutorial, Library Skills



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  URI Faculty Publications
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  URI College of Continuing Education Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  URI Open Access Policy
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Undergraduates, Quick Links for
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Understanding Your Library Barcode
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  University Archives
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  University Libraries - Academic Division
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  University Libraries 2011-2016 Strategic Goals and Initiatives [May 2011]
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  University Libraries Organizational Chart [June 2012] (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  University Libraries Technology Plan
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  University of Rhode Island Libraries Mission Statement
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  University of Rhode Island Libraries Preservation Policy (pdf)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  University of Rhode Island Libraries Vision Statement
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  User Guides



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Vision Statement, University of Rhode Island Libraries
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Volunteer Policy and Procedures
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Volunteer Information Form



orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Webmaster, Library
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes)  Welcome to the University Library










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