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URI Providence Blog


For more information:

URI Providence Campus

80 Washington Street

Providence, RI 02903

Phone: 401-277-5000

Current Gallery Exhibit and Events

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Urban Arts and Culture Program
and The Art Connection-RI present

The Art Connection RI Summer Exhibit

The Art Connection RI Summer Exhibit

July 1 - August 6

Gallery Night Reception July 16, at 5-9pm
with a gallery talk by a TAC-RI donating artist, volunteer and Board member at 7pm

The Art Connection-RI (TAC-RI) Summer Exhibit features more than 100 pieces of artwork available for selection by Rhode Island nonprofit community service organizations. Guided by a passionate belief in the transformative power of art, TAC-RI's mission is to connect artists and donors to social benefit organizations through the placement of original artwork to enrich the lives of the staff and people they serve. This unique service is made possible by the generous participation of over 60 local artists and donors. To date, TAC-RI has placed 345 artworks at 30 community service agencies throughout the state.

Among the artists whose works are included in the exhibit are: Ann Daum, Alfred Smith, Barnet Fain, Bernadette Pace, Betty Lou Wilcox, Bev Thomas, Bill Comeau, Brian Novasad, Carla Ricci, Jane Bassman, Janet Alling, Jeanne Sturim, Jerry Aissis, Joan Kenower, Joan McConaghy, Joan Rogers, Johnny McKenna, Katie Carcieri, Katrina Cathcart, Kayla Buja, Len Rumpler, Liz Glatzer, Marguerite Pile, Maria Termini, Mary Lou Conca, Michael Tracy, Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Philip DeSano, Priscilla Cane, Regina Partridge, Richard Harrington, Ruth Brandt, Sophie Breton, Sue Patterson, Susan Shaw, Toba Weintraub, Uli Brahmst, Wendy Ingram, Wendy LeBeau.

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Urban Arts and Culture Program Art Windows
& Providence Art Windows present

EMERGENCE New Works by Amy Rudis Window Gallery

EMERGENCE: New Works by Amy Rudis Window Gallery

July 1 - August 21

Gallery Night Reception July 16, 5-9pm

Amy Rudis is an Alumni of Rhode Island College with a BS in Art Education. She is an inspiring and inspired Art teacher at East Providence High School, and continues to create dynamic and evocative work of her own. Amy is a tremendously talented portrait painter who works as the Principal Painter for TEN31 Productions. Her painting is seen in TEN31 Productions' innovative Performance Art/Living Statues across the country and her portraits on canvas are exhibited widely throughout the region.

"As a figurative artist, I feel the importance of capturing both beauty and imperfection in the human form is imperative in evoking emotion within the viewer. Nudes have long been a popular subject matter amongst artists, and have in the recent past seemingly, become a dying art form. It is my desire to give rise to the appreciation for figurative art simply as a work of beauty; drawing the viewer's eye into the subtle nuances of form and color being my main goal. Another important aspect of my work is to capture extreme light and shadow within the subject/setting, much like the renaissance masters and the use of chiaroscuro. My main influences would be the works of Lucian Freud and Philip Pearlstein."

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Urban Arts and Culture Program



July 23 at 8:00pm & July 25 at 7:00pm•

a performance work-in-progress

What if your insides did not match others' perceptions of you? What if the world demanded you to be a person you were not? What if you lived in fear all the time? Trans* is created from Oral History interviews of members of the local Trans* community in their own words. Trans* shares personal stories, raises issues and bears witness to the challenges of individuals struggling with their Gender Identity. These personal accounts illuminate individual journeys, help dispel fear and misunderstanding and celebrate courage and tenacity.

Trans* is performed by Cynthia Glinick and Steven Pennell with spoken word by Cody Suzuki as part of the 2nd Annual Providence Fringe Festival July 21-25, 2015. •Discussion will follow performances.

Note: Trans* is the term currently used to denote those who identify as Transgender, transexual, gender queer and gender non-conforming.

All events are free and open to the public.

URI Feinstein Providence Campus
1st and 2nd floor Lobby Gallery
80 Washington St
Providence RI 02903

Hours: Mon. – Thurs. 9-9
Fri. 9-4
Closed Weekends and Holidays

For information call 401-277-5206

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