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URI Providence Blog


For more information:

URI Providence Campus

80 Washington Street

Providence, RI 02903

Phone: 401-277-5000

Masters in Adult Education, adult education degree sample photo spread

M.A. in Adult Education

Masters in Biotechnology - Paquette
Kathy Peno, Ph.D.
Professor, Adult Education

Adult Education Program Coordinator

Welcome to the URI Providence Campus Graduate Study in Adult Education

About the Program

The University of Rhode Island offers individuals who work with adults in learning situations the opportunity to enroll in a program of advanced graduate study.  The program in Adult Education, offered through the School of Education in the College of Human Science and Services, leads to a Master of Arts Degree.

The program is designed to develop the competencies and skills needed in helping adults learn. It also allows for specialized study in several professional areas.

Participants may choose one of six (6) areas of specialization to meet individual needs and interests.  Areas include Administration; Adult literacy; Education, Training and Management
(ETMS); Gerontology; Training and Development; and Vocational Education.

ETMS Specialization

The University of Rhode Island and the United States Navy have a long-standing relationship to provide a graduate study opportunity to naval officers, enlisted personnel and their dependents.

The MA in Adult Education with a specialization in Education & Training Management is offered in a format designed to complement the schedules of naval personnel and enable them to develop the competencies and skills needed in adult education over a range of career options.   This particular specialization area leads to a Navy certified P-Code in Education, Training and Management Specialist, (ETMS).

Teaching Staff

All full-time faculty are members of the graduate faculty at URI.  In addition to full-time faculty members, part-time faculty have professional positions as trainers, directors, and adult education teachers.  These professionals serve as an important nucleus of the program faculty.

Location of Courses

The URI Master of Arts in Education Program in Adult Education conducts classes at the Newport Naval Base, the CCRI Campus in Newport, the Kingston Campus and the Providence Campus.  All course materials, including textbooks are available for purchase in class and registration for courses can be completed on-line. 

For more information go to http://www.uri.edu/hss/education/grad_programs/MA/adult/default.html