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For more information:

URI Providence Campus

80 Washington Street

Providence, RI 02903

Phone: 401-277-5000

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Faculty Directory

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Nichols, Craig Email: nichols10@cox.net
Course Number(s): RLS 131
Nulton, Peter Email: pnulton@clarku.edu
Course Number(s): ART H 251



O'Mahoney, Daniel Course Number(s): LSC 543
O'Malley, Brian Email: boma70@earthlink.net
Course Number(s): ART 207
O'Neill, Riley Email: Roneill@mail.uri.edu
Course Number(s): HDF 200
Oakley, Bryan Email: BOakley@my.uri.edu
Course Number(s):  GEO100



Page, Dore Email: twisey101@msn.com
Course Number(s): LIB 505X
Pantalone, John Email: jpant@uri.edu
Course Number(s): JOR 110
Pape, Whitney Email: whitney@brown.edu
Course Number(s): LSC 564
Parenteau, Michael Title: Part-time Instructor
Email: mwparenteau@gmail.com
Course Number(s): HDF 310
Park, Eugene Title: Associate Research Professor
Email: park@egr.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-874-4303
Course Number(s): CHE 576
Parra, Carolina Email: spanishisfun@hotmail.com
Course Number(s): SPA 104
Paryani, Komal Email: koms15@mail.uri.edu
Course Number(s): CHM 126
Paquette, Gregory Email: gpaquette@mail.uri.edu
Course Number(s): MLS 512, 590
Pearson, Joseph Email: jhpearson@mail.uri.edu
Course Number(s): HIS 112
Pennell, Stephen Email: spennell@etal.uri.edu
Course Number(s): COM 231
Peno, Kathleen Title: Associate Professor
Email: kgugs@uri.edu
Course Number(s): EDC 584
Peterson, John Email: jpeterson@uri.edu
Course Number(s): PHL 103
Petronio, Vince Email: petronio@uri.edu
Course Number(s): COM 221
Price, Catalina Email: pricec@cs.uri.edu
Course Number(s): CSC 101
Proestou, Dina Email: dpro1791@postoffice.uri.edu
Course Number(s): BIO 101 Lab Asst
Profughi, Victor Email: vprofughi@ric.edu
Course Number(s): PSC/LRS 503
Prudence, Cynthia Email: prudencec@gmail.com
Course Number(s): CSC 101



Quainoo, Vanessa Title: Associate Professor of Comm Studies
Room: 225
Telephone: 401-277-5350
Quina, Kathryn Title: Professor, Psychology & Women's Studies
Room: 245
Email: kquina@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5468
Notes: Currently Interim Associate Dean
Quinn, Cara Title: Part-time Instructor
Emai: cquinn@cordiscounseling.com
Course Number(s): HDF 450
Quinn, Eugene Email: quinn@math.uri.edu
Course Number(s): BAC 520



Ramsay, Karen Email: karenr@uri.edu
Course Number(s): LSC 506
Ravello, Joanna N. Title: Per Course Instructor
Email: jravello@mail.uri.edu
Course Number(s)
: HDF 180
Raya-Carlton, Pamela Email: prayacarlton@mail.uri.edu
Course Number(s): HDF 200
Raymond, Collins Email: butehrde1943@yahoo.com
Course Number(s): WRT 201
Reed, Robyn Email: rl.reed@cox.net
Course Number(s): PSY 480
Reumann, Miriam Email: mreumann@mail.uri.edu
Course Number(s): HIS 495
Ricci, Dennis Email: dricci8842@verizon.net
Course Number(s): HIS 113
Rose, Randall Email: randall_rose@brown.edu
Course Number(s): PHL 321
Rossi, Peter Email: hdfmoney@hotmail.com
Course Number(s): HDF 205
Rothman, Alan Title: Research Professor
: 334
Email: arothman.uri@gmail.com
Rothstein, Lawrence Email: ler@uri.edu
Course Number(s): LRS/PSC 521
Rudasill, William Email: wrud9293@postoffice.uri.edu
Course Number(s): MTH 111
Ruhren, Scott Title: Instructor
Email: sruhren@asri.org
Telephone: 401-949-5454
Course Number(s): BIO 262
Ruemmele, Bridget Email: bridgetr@uri.edu
Course Number(s): PLS 341
Ruiz dePanciera, Olga Email: orui2170@postoffice.uri.edu
Course Number(s): SPA
Rutherford, Brett Title: Instructional Support
Room: 325B
Email: brutherford@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5249
Course Number(s): WMS 490
Ryder, Ulli Email: ulli_ryder@brown.edu
Course Number(s): HIS 150



Saadeh, Nadia Title: Educational Coordinator
Room: 330
Email: nadiasaadeh@mail.edu.uri
Telephone: 401-277-5199
Salazar, Abran Email: abran_salazar@uri.edu
Course Number(s): COM 502
Salerno, Kim Email: kimqsalerno@cox.net
Course Number(s): ART 101
Salgado, Dawn Email: dsalgado@mindspring.com
Course Number(s): PSY 113
Samson, Lilla Email: lsamson@etal.uri.edu
Course Number(s): ART 207
Sartori-Stein, Clare Email: csartori@earthlink.net
Course Number(s): PSY 232
Savchenko, Andrew Email: AndrewSavchenko@aol.com
Course Number(s): SOC 100
Scholl, Richard Email: rscholl@uri.edu
Course Number(s): LRS/MGT 551
Schwegler, Robert Email: rschweg@aol.com
Course Number(s): WRT 302
Siligato, Margaret Email: siligato@uri.edu
Course Number(s): PLS 233
Silliman, Barbara Email: silliman@etal.uri.edu
Course Number(s): ENG 357
Sims, Kimberly Email: cura404@aol.com
Course Number(s): ENG 385
Smith, Kevin Email: kevin@tara.psy.uri.edu
Course Number(s): PSY 361
Sodhi, Manbir Email: sodhi@uri.edu
Course Number(s): IME 433
Solomon, Rick Email: canuck42@aol.com
Course Number(s): PSY 466
Spero, Denice Title: Research Professor and Co-Director
Email: denice.spero@gmail.com
Telephone: 401-277-5029
Notes: Institute for Immunology and Informatics
Springer, William Email: springer.w@bcbsri.org
Course Number(s): HSA 360
Starkey, James Email: starkey@uri.edu
Course Number(s): ECN 590
Stuerke, Pamela Email: pstuerke@uri.edu
Course Number(s): MBA 503
Sullivan-Watts, Barbara Email: bsullivan@gso.uri.edu
Course Number(s): BIS 391
Szpila, Joe Email: jszpila@etal.uri.edu
Course Number(s): ENG 243



Tabor, Amy Email: amy_rayack_tabor@uri.edu
Course Number(s): LRS 531
Tammaro, Michael Email: tammaro@uri.edu
Course Number(s): BIS 391
Tavitian, Mark Email: sktmlt@msn.com
Course Number(s): PSY 465
Todd, Mark Email: marktodd@mail.uri.edu
Course Number(s): ENG 205
Travisano, Richard Email: travisano@uri.edu
Course Number(s): SOC 326
Twaddle, Roy Email: twaddle@uri.edu
Course Number(s): MBA 502



Uhnak, Kenneth S. Title: Assistant Clinical Professor
Room: 302H
Email: kuhnak@mail.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5109



Valicenti, Soudabeh Email: val@math.uri.edu
Course Number(s): MTH 107
Van Wyk, Judy Email: vanwyk@uri.edu
Course Number(s): SOC 230
Verbeek, Olga Email: verbeeko@salve.edu
Course Number(s): LSC 548
Vito, David Title: Assistant Professor/Coordinator
Room: 208
Email: drvito@ccri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5145
Notes: AMGEN Biotech. Program
von Reinhart, Walter Title: Associate Director, Honors Program
Room: 255
Email: waltaire@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5414
Course Number(s): HPR 125



Watt, Timothy Email: watt144@yahoo.com
Course Number(s): WRT 105
Wenisch, Fritz Email: fritzw@uriacc.uri.edu
Course Number(s): PHL 323
Weygand, Robert A. Title: Director MPA Program
Email: bobw@uri.edu
White, Clement Email: clement@uri.edu
Course Number(s): SPA 102
Widell, Robert
Email: professorwidell@gmail.com
Course Number(s): HIS 341
Willis, George Email: geowil@uri.edu
Course Number(s): EDC 503
Willis, Grant Email: wgwillis@uri.edu
Course Number(s): PSY 300
Wittwer, Christian Email: clw@uri.edu
Course Number(s): THE 100
Wood, Maureen Title: nursing instructor
Email: WWOOD10019@aol.com
Telephone: 401-849-6129
Course Number(s): NUR 346 & 246
Wood, Stephen Email: docwood@uri.edu
Course Number(s): COM 445
Wrobel, Andrew Title: Psychology Advisor
Email: ajwrobel@etal.uri.edu
Telephone: 401-277-5165
Course Number(s): PSY 381, PSY334



Xiao, Jing Jian Title: Professor
Room: 202 Transition Center, Kingston
Email: xiao@uri.edu
Telephone: 401-874-2547
Course Number(s): HDF424
Xue, Yajiong Email: xuelucky@mail.uri.edu
Course Number(s): BAC 500



Yu, Tong Email: tongyu@uri.edu
Course Number(s): FIN 301



Zahm, Mary Email: mzahm@etal.uri.edu
Course Number(s): PSY 103
Zappardino, Pamela Email: sapinator@aol.com
Course Number(s): PSY 479
Zunjic, Slobodan Email: szunjic@uri.edu
Course Number(s): PHL 212