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Scenes from the Cancer Prevention Research Center

Andrea Paiva, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Professor

Behavioral Science

Office: CPRC 50W
Phone: 401-874-9066




Educational Background

Ph.D. 2006, Behavioral Science, University of Rhode Island
M.A. 2004, Behavioral Science, University of Rhode Island
B.S. 2000, Psychology/Health Policy & Management, Providence College


Research Interests

Statistics and methodology, measure development and health psychology.


Professional Interests

In Behavioral Statistics, current research includes measure development analyses (Principal Components Analysis, Structural Modeling), cross-sectional analyses, longitudinal methods, and cluster-randomized designs. Particular interests include applied undergraduate and graduate student training in statistics and research methodology.

In Health Psychology, research focus has been on health behavior change and applications of the Transtheoretical Model to health related behaviors. Particular interest in substance abuse prevention, alcohol harm reduction, HPV vaccine adherence, blood donation, and distracted driving behaviors.

Honors and Awards

2009 Third Most Downloaded Paper, Preventive Medicine, Johnson, S.S, Paiva, A.L. Cummins, C., Johnson, J.L. Dyment, S., Wright, J.A., Prochaska, J.O., Prochaska, JM., Sherman, K. (2008). Evidence-based Multiple Behavior Intervention for Weight Management: Effectiveness on a Population Basis.

2006 Peter Merenda Prize in Statistics and Research Methodology

Selected Publications

  • Lipschitz, J. M., Fernandez, A., Meier, K.S. Redding, C.A., Blaney, C.L., Larson, H.E., Prochaska, J.O., & Paiva, A.L. (under review). Motivation for HPV vaccination among female college students: Validation of TTM decisional balance and self-efficacy constructs. Journal of Behavioral Medicine
  • Larson, H.E., Blaney, C.L., Kobayashi, H., Silice, M.A., Fernandez, A.C., Lipschitz, J.M., Meier, K.S., Redding, C.A, Lally, M.A., Prochaska, J.O., & Paiva, A.L. (under review). HPV Knowledge and Stages of Change Measure for HPV Vaccine Completion Among College Women. Journal of Adolescent Health
  • Paiva, A.L., Prochaska, J.O., Johnson, J.L. (under review). Adolescent Substance Use Initiation: Correlates of Profiles of Prevention. Journal of Early Adolesence
  • Paiva, A.L., Mauriello, L.M., Sherman, K.J., Van Marter, D.F., N.S., & Prochaska, J.M. (under review). High-Risk Drinking in the General Adult Population: Validation of TTM Decisional Balance and Situational Temptations Constructs. Journal of Behavioral Medicine
  • Greene, G.W., Prochaska, J.O., Paiva, A., Velicer, W.F., Rossi, J.S., Blissmer, B., Robbins, M. (under review). Baseline Transtheoretical and Dietary Behavioral Predictors of Dietary Fat Moderation over 12 and 24 months. Preventive Medicine.
  • Babbin, S. F., Harrington, M., Burditt, C., Redding, C., Paiva, A., Meier, K., Oatley, K., McGee, H., & Velicer, W. F. (in press). Prevention of alcohol use in middle school students: Psychometric assessment of the decisional balance inventory. Addictive Behaviors.
  • Blaney, C.L., Robbins, M., Paiva, A., & Redding, C. (in press). Validation of the measures of the Transtheoretical model for exercise in an Adult African American Sample. American Journal of Health Promotion.
  • Harrington, M, Babbin, S, Redding, C, Burditt , C, Paiva, A, Kathryn Meier, K, Oatley, K, McGee, H, Velicer, WF. (In press). Psychometric Assessment of the Temptations to Try Alcohol Scale. Addictive Behaviors.
  • Redding CA, Prochaska JO, Paiva A, Rossi JS, Velicer WF, Blissmer B, Greene GW, Robbins M, & Sun, X. (in press). Baseline Stage, Severity and Effort Effects Differentiate Stable Smokers from Maintainers and Relapsers. Substance Use & Misuse.
  • Waterman AD, Robbins ML, Paiva AL, & Hyland SS. (2010). Kidney patients' intention to receive a deceased donor transplant: development of stage of change, decisional balance and self-efficacy measures. Journal of Health Psychology,15(3), 436-45. PMCID: PMC20348364
  • Fried TR, Redding CA, Robbins ML, Paiva A, O'Leary JR, Iannone L. (in press). Stages of change for the component behaviors of Advance Care Planning. J Am Geriatrics Society. PMCID:
  • Mauriello, L. M., Ciavatta, M. M., Paiva, A. L., Sherman, K. J., Castle, P. H., Johnson, J. L., Prochaska, J. M. (in press). Results of a Multi-Media Multiple Behavior Obesity Prevention Program for Adolescents. Preventive Medicine.
  • Santiago-Rivas, M, Velicer, WF, Redding, CA, Prochaska, JO, Paiva, AL. (2010). Cluster Subtypes within the Preparation Stage of Change for Sun Protection Behavior. Applied Psychology: Health and Well Being, 2, 89-104.
  • Blissmer, B., Prochaska, J.O., Velicer, W.F., Redding, C.A., Rossi, J.S., Greene, G.W., Paiva, A., & Robbins, M. (2010). Common Factors Predicting Long-Term Changes in Multiple Health Behaviors. Journal of Health Psychology, 15(2), 205–214. PMCID: PMC20207664
  • Burditt, C., Robbins, M.L., Paiva, A.L., Velicer, W.F., Koblin, B., & Kessler, D. (2008). Motivation for Blood Donation among African Americans: Developing Measures for Stage of Change, Decisional Balance, and Self-efficacy Constructs. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 32(5), 429-442. PMCID: PMC 19365718
  • Johnson, S.S, Paiva, A.L. Cummins, C., Johnson, J.L. Dyment, S., Wright, J.A., Prochaska, J.O., Prochaska, JM., Sherman, K. (2008). Evidence-based Multiple Behavior Intervention for Weight Management: Effectiveness on a Population Basis. Preventive Medicine, 46(3), 238-246. PMCID: PMC2327253
  • Wallace, L.M. Evers, K.E., Wareing, H., Dunn, O.M., Newby, K., Paiva, A.L., & Johnson, J.L. (2007). Informing school sex education using the Stages of Change construct: Sexual behavior and attitudes towards sexual activity and condom use of children aged 13-16 in England. Journal of Health Psychology, 12(1), 179-183. PMCID: PMC17158851
  • Hall, K., Robbins, M.L., Paiva, A.L., Harris, L., Mattice. B. (2007). Donation Intentions among African American College Students: Decisional Balance and Self – Efficacy Measures. Donation Intentions among African American College Students: Decisional Balance and Self – Efficacy Measures. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 30(6), 483-495. PMCID: PMC17674183
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  • Prochaska, J.M., Prochaska, J.O., Cohen, F.C., Gomes, S.O., & Laforge, R.G., & Eastwood (Paiva) A. (2004). The Transtheoretical model of change for multi-level interventions for alcohol abuse on campus. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 47(3).