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Basics of Sakai for Students

Sakai is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is used by URI.  It replaced WebCT in the Fall, 2009 semester.  Sakai can be used to deliver an entire online course or it can be used to supplement a traditional course.  At the SLRC, we use Sakai mainly as a supplement to our courses. 

While many SLRC faculty members are using Sakai to supplement their courses, not all have done so.  If you do not see a tab for one of your courses, please check with the instructor.  Here you will find some general instructions for using Sakai, but remember, each instructor will use Sakai somewhat differently, so be sure to follow your professor's instructions. 

In addition to coursework, Sakai can be used as a platform for organizing and communication among members of a group.  We have set up a Sakai site called SLRC for all students in our master's and certificate programs as well as SLRC faculty members.  If you do not see an SLRC tab when you log onto Sakai, email Professor Scholl

When you log onto Sakai, you will see a series of tabs across the top of the application.  You should see the following:

Sakai displays a maximum of 6 tabs, including the My Workspace.  If you have more than 5 courses, Sakai will display 4 tabs and a pull-down menu to access any other tabs.  You can change the order of the tabs and which ones are displayed using this procedure:

  1. Go to the My Workspace tab
  2. Click on the Preferences link on the left side menu
  3. Click on the Customize Tabs link
  4. You will see 2 windows: Sites not visible in Tabs (left) and Sites visible in Tabs (right)
  5. If there is a tab for a course that you no longer access, you can move it from the right window to the left window using the arrow key.  You can always move a tab back if you need to access that site in the future.
  6. You can change the order in which tabs appear on your top menu bar using the up and down arrow keys in the right of the right window.  Remember, if you have more than five tabs in the right window, only the first 4 will display.  The rest can be accessed using the pull-down window.