Davi Prak

Davi Prak ’17

Davi Prak long had her heart set on being a nurse, so when she graduated from high school, she applied to just one program: the University of Rhode Island’s College of Nursing.

Omose Ogala

Omose Ogala ’17

Omose Ogala’s job offers arrived at a dizzying pace—from Dell, Microsoft, and Twitter. Even before he graduated, tech giants were knocking at his door, competing to hire him.

Hilary Lohmann

Hilary Lohmann ’15

Hilary Lohmann spent the last two years in the U.S. Virgin Islands as a Coral Reef Management Fellow for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, studying and protecting the coral reef ecosystem at East End Marine Park in St. Croix.

Autumn Guillotte

Autumn Guillotte ’18

Autumn Guillotte has planned a career in public service ever since she first met her elected representatives at local parades while in elementary school.

Alexia Williams

Alexia Williams ’17

Alexia Williams will travel to Spain, thanks to a grant from the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program, which places recent college graduates in schools overseas to supplement English language instruction.

Cherish Prickett ’18

Cherish Prickett is a fan of blockbuster natural disaster films. She likes to critique the rescue and recovery plans. “I know the movies are dramatized,” she said, “but they do have some truth in how people react to disasters.”

Tyler Bawden

Tyler Bawden ’17

Before he even enrolled at the University of Rhode Island, Tyler Bawden had already made important contributions to his chosen discipline. He co-authored a research paper on a rare turtle, the diamondback terrapin, and helped pass a state law to protect the species.

Jarolyn Fernandez

Jarolyn Fernandez ’17

Recent grad Jarolyn Fernandez, a triple major in health studies, communication studies, and Spanish, could not be more prepared, academically, for her dream career as a patient advocate.

Colin Rumbel 2017 Student Commencement Speaker

Colin Rumbel ’17

Communication studies and public relations major Colin Rumbel, student commencement speaker for URI’s Class of 2017, hopes to leave every graduating senior feeling the sense of community that he has felt at URI.

Temidayo ‘Dayo’ Akinjisola ’17

You might say Temidayo ‘Dayo’ Akinjisola was hard at work in supply chain management long before he undertook the study of it.

Catherine Linh ’17

Persistence. In Catherine Linh’s family, persistence is passed down, a more dominant and easily traceable trait than either height or eye color.

It wears many faces – that of the young, single mother leaving her country behind and working to support her family in America; that of a grandmother studying for her Naturalization Exam to pave the way for her son and his family to immigrate; that of a child learning English in order to speak on behalf of her family.

Austin Becker

Austin Becker

The changing climate is a motivating factor in Austin Becker’s research to make coastal communities stronger and more resilient to the effects of storms, sea level rise, and other hazards. That research just received a big boost. Professor Becker was just named a 2017 Sloan Research Fellow in Ocean Sciences by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.