Major Choices: Health Sciences


For Kaki Tse ’19, majors in kinesiology and psychology reflect a curious and determined mind.

In 2012, Tse, then 15, moved to Rhode Island from Hong Kong. URI was a financial decision financed by Tse through scholarships, small loans, and part-time jobs—as many as three at a time.

Still, Tse managed to join the power-lifting team—at 5’1” and 120 pounds, Tse can squat carrying 210 pounds, bench 135 pounds, and deadlift 315—and volunteer through URI Service Corps, developing confidence and leadership skills alongside her academic study.

Tse is now pursuing a master’s degree in kinesiology at Wake Forest University. She intends to become a professor of kinesiology one day.

“I gravitate toward kinesiology because of my interest in exercise and fitness. I loved my professors and my classes,” Tse said. “And at URI, I also found good friendships and opportunities.”

Tse also found the strength and satisfaction that comes of doing difficult things, be that powerlifting or hard science.

I learned to not be afraid to try and to throw myself out there,” Tse said. “College is much more than just a classroom. There are so many more life lessons. Basically, I learned if you work hard, you can do it.

“Whatever it is.”