Omose Ogala ’17

Omose Ogala’s job offers arrived at a dizzying pace—from Dell, Microsoft, and Twitter. Even before he graduated, tech giants were knocking at his door, competing to hire him.

He eventually accepted the offer to work as a software engineer at Twitter’s corporate headquarters in San Francisco. The opportunity to be near Silicon Valley was too good to pass up. “I’m going to completely uproot myself and move across the country to California,” he said. “I feel great. I’m ready for this.”

After his freshman year at URI, Omose spent the summer teaching himself how to make iPhone apps, even creating one that allows users to “discover” music DJs play at parties.

During the National Society of Black Engineers convention in Boston last year he made his pitch to a Dell representative. The rep liked what he had to say and gave him a job at the company’s headquarters in Texas for the summer. The company soon offered him a job after graduation. “I was ecstatic,” he said.

He was all set, or so he thought. In March, he attended another Society of Black Engineers convention, and he chatted again with tech companies, including Twitter and Microsoft. Both liked him; both made job offers.

“I try my best with everything I do,’’ he says. “I hope that as I go into the workforce I continue that mentality.”

URI, he said, has helped mold him into a driven, hardworking and enterprising software engineer prepared for any challenge.

“I’ve made close friends here,” Omose said. “I’ve met a lot of level-headed and nice people who are going to do great things. The key to success here is to get involved. Get out and meet people. Things will start to happen.”