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URI innovators are studying proteins that will shape the way we detect and prevent Alzheimer's disease.

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At URI, we support ideas that transform the way we understand the world.

Our researchers are helping scientists understand the volume of sea ice production and improve climate models of deep ocean currents. In the arts, creators are imagining new ways of experiencing music and the visual arts that encourage inclusion and diversity. Innovators are isolating new molecules from blooms of cyanobacteria for potential use as therapeutics against a wide range of diseases.

Breakthrough research is what we do.

$85.3MAverage Competitive Grants Received Annually by URI Researchers
$150.5MNew Engineering Facility Opening September 2019
$68.1MAverage Federal Grants Received Annually by URI Researchers

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Austin Humphries creating a series of experiments around Narragansett Bay and the coastal salt ponds to assess where the best conditions are for growing kelp.

Preserving our Marine Ecosystems

“Broadly speaking, I’m most interested in the connections between people and marine ecosystems,” says Austin Humphries, an assistant professor of fisheries. “How can we as humans interact with the ocean in ways that may benefit both nature and people?”

In April 2017, Humphries was awarded a $3 million grant by the U.S. Agency for International Development to study and test fisheries management strategies in Indonesia that maintain and protect the ecosystem while also ensuring that fish are available for consumption.

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