How to Eat Healthily During the Holidays

Eggnog, gingerbread, Christmas cookies: They can derail the healthiest eater. Bri Blank offers tips that allow you to enjoy favorite foods without overdoing it.

1. Don’t fill up on appetizers. Pick a few favorites to enjoy. Keep in mind dinner is up next.

2. Prioritize main-course favorites. When you do, you can take larger amounts of those and smaller amounts of the foods that you’re not as crazy about. That way, you won’t be overstuffing yourself on the dishes that aren’t your top picks, and you’ll still have room for dessert.

3. Enjoy a meal without guilt. I used to get down on myself when I overate. I felt like I failed myself. But the truth is, one or two bad meals won’t affect your progress. If you eat unhealthily one day, get back on track the following day. Try not to be hard on yourself.

4. Keep goals in plain view. Write down a list of goals you want to achieve during the new year and place them somewhere you’ll see them. Keeping goals in front of you keeps you accountable.

5. Remember that you can do anything you set your mind to. The most crucial part of goal-setting is believing that you can achieve it. When I started my journey, I stayed motivated and I knew that it was possible.