Audition for TEDxURI

The theme

At each event, TEDxURI brings people together around a theme: a common thread between speakers and a catalyst that helps shape the conversations we have that day.

For 2022, the theme is A Recipe for Hope.

We are living in very challenging times and it’s all to easy too go down a rabbit hole of despair. But it is time to lift our heads up. Let the warm sun shine on us and the fresh air fill our lungs. Around every corner, there is hope. Hope for a new day, a new beginning, a new chance.

Tell us how you’ve stayed hopeful during a specific situation, or generally in this time of uncertainty. You could share your strategies to stay optimistic or explain how you motivate others to do the same. Other speaking tracks could include your hope for the future as it pertains to yourself, your community, or the world.

So show us your the ideas that you think are worth spreading!

Application process

This year, we are requesting that you submit a video of your audition.

Fill out the application here and include the video link to your audition.

All audition-video submissions should be no more than three minutes in length. If longer, the selection committee cannot guarantee they will watch more than the first three minutes. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube.

How to prepare

Your talk should maintain a balance of content and presentation and showcase creativity. As you develop your submission, please note, the final performance space is only a 6′ circular rug and will run approximately 5-7 minutes.

We will be judging based on subject matter and delivery (i.e. projection, stage presence, uniqueness, and creativity).

We do not encourage submissions developed for another purpose or submitting short films or creative writing pieces.

*Please note, the University currently has a masking and vaccination requirement (except for approved exemptions). If you are chosen for an in-person callback, you will have to wear a mask upon entering the building, have your temperature taken and vaccination cards checked. Selected speakers will also be required to follow these rules for rehearsals, run throughs and performances.


The deadline to submit your application is Monday, January 31 at 11:59pm. 

Everyone who auditions will receive a decision by February 15.

If you are chosen as a speaker, the event will be on April 2, with a rehearsal that week.

Audition Form

Auditions are open to the general public.
For questions, contact Liam Horne (