Audition for TEDxURI

TEDxURI brings big ideas to the world stage through the inspirational voices and performances of our community and beyond. Our presenters challenge us to think bigger than ourselves, participate in shaping the future, and do our part in protecting the planet. Our mission is to honor these ideas, and share powerful stories of imagination, innovation, and integrity that will inspire others to Think Big.

The theme

At each event, TEDxURI brings people together around a theme: a common thread between speakers and a catalyst that helps shape the conversations we have that day.

For 2023, the theme is The Creative Spark.

Writer Maria Popova tells us that creativity is the “ability to tap into our mental pool of resources–knowledge, insight, information, inspiration, and all the fragments populating our minds…and to combine them in extraordinary new ways.” TEDxURI is looking for people who deeply feel the spark of creativity in their life. 

Are you willing to share that dynamic combination of experiences and knowledge that propels our bodies, minds, and cultures beyond our current situation? Do you envision a future of possibility not limited to the constraints of today?  How will you share your vision with a live audience? Will you choose presentation, performance, dance, music, story? What form will your creative spark take in telling your story?

Creativity is everywhere in the human experience. It is not a skill reserved solely for artists and designers. It is a skill that is useful to everybody, no matter what you do or where your passions lie. Developing, nurturing and sharing our creative spark is more important than ever.

That is why this year’s TEDxURI theme is all about sharing inspirational, enlightening stories about creativity and the creative spark that started it all.

Application process

This year, TEDxURI is seeking presenters to stand in the spotlight and spark creativity in the minds of our live audience; to inspire them with the story of how your own creative spark changed everything.

To apply to be a presenter, simply submit a video audition – three minutes or less – previewing your story and fill out an application form by Jan. 31 at 11:59 p.m EST. The form includes links to tips about making a video, along with other helpful information.

Audition Form

Videos must be uploaded to YouTube and the link listed in your application. You can choose to set the YouTube link as “only those with the link can view.”  But be careful NOT to select “Private” because then the judges will not be able to view it.

The live performance is on Saturday April 1st and you will need to be available all day.

If you are selected to participate, your full TEDxURI presentation will be between five and seven minutes in length and should maintain a balance between content and presentation. You will not be able to use notes during your presentation, which will be given before a live audience.

Our coaches will help you in developing and performing your story in the weeks before the live performance.  They will work with you via Zoom and in Face to Face meetings, if desired by both presenter and coach.

For more information, contact Paula McGlasson (Production Manager) at or Liam Horne (Stage Manager) at