Kunal Mankodiya: Smart textiles for wearable telemedicine

Kunal Mankodiya at TEDxURI 2018

Smart textiles for wearable telemedicine

As a child, Kunal Mankodiya helped sell textiles at his family-owned shop in India. Now, he demos his design of a “smart glove” that is a marriage between textile and technology.

Kunal Mankodiya

Biomedical engineer + assistant professor, URI

Kunal Mankodiya founded the Wearable Biosensing Lab at the University of Rhode Island. He intertwines textile with sensors, computing, and internet such that individuals are enveloped by unobtrusive wearable tech for the improved quality of life, health, and wellness. He and his team recently received a series of accolades nationally and internationally for their design of "smart gloves and socks” which are aimed at providing the telemedicine care to people with Parkinson’s Disease.