Nancy Forster-Holt: ENDrepreneurs and the future of small businesses

Nancy Forster-Holt at TEDxURI 2018

ENDrepreneurs and the future of small businesses

Large numbers of small business owners are heading into retirement, most don’t know how. Nancy Forster-Holt tells the story of the former owner of the company that she and her husband acquired.

Nancy Forster-Holt

Assistant professor, Spachman Professor of Entrepreneurship, URI

Dr. Forster-Holt is an assistant professor in the College of Business Administration at the University of Rhode Island, where she developed the Guppy Tank pitch coaching series, new courses, and an interdisciplinary minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is the former CFO of Maine’s second largest credit union and a tech startup. She is also co-owner of the 158-year old manufacturing company, Shaw & Tenney.