Raquél Pérez: Representation matters: Latinx in mainstream media

Raquél Pérez at TEDxURI 2019

Representation matters: Latinx in mainstream media

Cultural representaton based on stereotypes is still active in the media today, says Raquél Pérez. A member of the Latinx community, she believes our society is more than ready for the media to eliminate this misrepresentation.

Raquél Pérez

Raquél Pérez

Registered Nurse

Raquél Peréz graduated cum laude from URI in 2017 as a first generation bachelor's degree recipient and earned a BSN. After graduating, Raquél spend the next year as an AmeriCorps member, aiding in affordable housing. During her time in AmeriCorps, she grew exponentially as a servant leader with the help of Smith Hill Community Development Corporation and College Leadership Rhode Island.