Robert Ballard: The new age of ocean exploration

Robert Ballard at TEDxURI 2018

The new age of ocean exploration

When the Law of the Sea Convention was signed in 1983, it doubled the size of the United States, but it wasn't until years later that anyone was tasked with exploring that new territory. Robert Ballard reveals what we've learned about our oceans and the cutting-edge technology that makes those discoveries possible.

Robert Ballard

Oceanographer + professor, URI

Among the most accomplished and well known of the world's deep-sea explorers, Dr. Robert Ballard is best known for his historic discoveries of hydrothermal vents, the sunken R.M.S. Titanic, the German battleship Bismarck, and numerous other contemporary and ancient shipwrecks around the world. During his long career he has conducted more than 150 deep-sea expeditions using the latest in exploration technology. He is the Director of the Center for Ocean Exploration at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography and the President of the Ocean Exploration Trust.