Sherenté Harris: Complete the circle

Sherenté Harris at TEDxURI 2019

Complete the circle

Sherenté Harris, a Narragansett TwoSpirit, overcame discrimination through traditional dance. Now, he explains how our voices can be used to revitalize the traditions of our communities, make ourselves visible, and bridge the gap between You and Me.

Sherenté Harris

Sherenté Harris

Cultural Educator, Artist and Activist

Sherenté Mishitashin Harris intertwines the stories of his cultural path with his Two Spirit identity to evoke an emotion that sparks dialogue regarding ideologies that are too often silenced. Sherenté’s efforts oppose the prolonged issue of Indigenous Invisibility. Allowing his stories to manifest through writing, speaking, performance, and visual art, Sherenté can expand the audience of his message, educating and creating change within his communities. Sherenté attends Brown University & RISD.