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Department of English

Graduate Studies

M.A. Program Chronology

This is the typical progression through the program. TAs must register for 6 credits per semester; full-time students take at least 3 courses per semester. All courses taken for program credit should be at the 400 level or above.  At least half (15 credits) of the total course credits must be at the 500 and 600 level. M.A. students have 5 years to complete the degree.

First Year

  • Take required courses:
    • ENG 510/511 Introduction to Professional Study
    • ENG 514 Studies in Critical Theories
  • Plan your specialization and start to take courses in that area.
  • Look for a Major Professor in your specialization who will become your mentor.
  • Submit a tentative Program of Study to the Graduate Studies office, signed by the Director of Graduate Studies.
    • List the courses that you plan to take for the M.A.
  • If your goal is to continue on to the PhD program, plan to present papers at professional conferences.

Second Year

  • Form a committee with your Major Professor to supervise the portfolio/thesis.
  • At the beginning of the semester you plan to graduate, submit a Nomination for Graduation form to the Graduate Studies office, signed by the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Register for ENG 595 Master’s Project for the Portfolio option, ENG 599 for Thesis option. You will need to obtain a permission number from your major professor.

Check your program of study to make sure it is an accurate record of your courses. If there have been changes from the tentative POS, it is necessary to file a Petition for Changes in Graduate Program form.

NOTE: You must be registered for the semester in which you defend your thesis or portfolio.