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Faculty and Staff


Annual Calendar

The year is divided into four sessions:
FALL: September-December
WINTER: January-April
SPRING: May-June
SUMMER: July-August

Although lessons may be started at any time, it is recommended that students register for an entire session. See the current calendar for the specific dates of the upcoming session.

Fall 2013 Calendar

September 9 th: classes officially begin
Monday, October 14th: Columbus Day-No classes or lessons
Monday November 11th Vetern's Day-no classes or lessons
Saturday, December 7, 11:00am Student recital
make up weeks December 2nd-15th

Please remember that we do not take public school vacation weeks off. If you wish to take those weeks, you must notify your teacher.


Registration Policy for
private lessons

Once we have recieved your form and payment we will have a teacher contact you to schedule lessons. We will hold your check until lessons have been scheduled and return it to you if scheduling is impossible.

*Instruction may begin at any time during the session by pro-rating your payment according to the table on the Rates and Fees page