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Frequently Asked Questions

Fellowship Information

There are three types of fellowships offered by the URI Graduate School: Graduate Fellowships; Diversity Awards, and URI Scholarships. Please read the directions carefully. In order to apply for any of these awards, you will need to submit an application to the Department of Psychology by February (TBA during the Spring semester). Please note that this is EARLIER than the deadline for the Graduate School.


Send an email to by February (TBA by the Department Chair during the designated Spring semester). In the body of the email indicate the type of award you are applying for and the names of the individuals who are writing letters of recommendation for you. All supporting documents should be attached to this email. In order to prepare your supporting documents, please submit documents with the following names: Nomination Form, UG Transcript, Grad Transcript, Professional objectives; and Curriculum Vitae. Create a separate PDF for each document. The contents of these documents are described below:

1. Nomination Form. Information in the blue boxes should be completed. Links to access the nomination forms are embedded in each attached call for nominations.

2. UG Transcript. Scan a copy of your undergraduate transcript and save as a PDF.

3. Grad Transcript. Scan a copy of your graduate transcript (unofficial transcript is okay) and save as a PDF. For your URI grad transcript you must calculate your GPA. Here is information for calculating GPA

4. Professional objectives (maximum 2 pages)

5. Curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages)

It is important to use the document names above so that we can most easily organize the large amount of information submitted.

Letters of Recommendation: Please ask those individuals who are writing letters of recommendation to submit their letters directly to All letters should be sent as PDF's and the document name should include the name of the letter writer. If you are applying for more than one award, you must have separate letters written for each award.

***** The Department of Psychology can only forward a limited number of nominees for the University Fellowship. The DAC will use the same criteria in evaluating applications as we believe is used by the Graduate School. If you are selected, I will notify you prior to submitting to the Graduate School. We are not restricted in the number of Minority Fellowship and University Scholarship nominees we can forward, however, we must rank order the applications, so still need to review.