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Welcome to the Rhode Island Vernal Pool Website! This website includes information on the characteristics of vernal pools, how to identify vernal pools, and the species associated with vernal pools. A large portion of the site is dedicated specifically to pond-breeding amphibians of Rhode Island.  We have included detailed life history accounts on the most common species, including information on amphibian movement patterns not readily available from other sources.

In addition, we provide information on the current efforts to protect vernal pool habitat, including current state regulations from the region. We hope this information will be useful to regulators interested in protecting vernal ponds and amphibians of southern New England, consultants and land planners interested in factors affecting amphibian populations dynamics, and students interested in the ecology of vernal ponds, frogs and salamanders.

This is a dynamic site, be sure to look for additions in the future.

If you have any questions about the amphibians of Rhode Island, we can be reached at frog@etal.uri.edu

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Created by Corrie E. Heinz
Most photographs courtesy of Scott Egan
special thanks to John Peterson, Chris Raithel, Kim Henderson, and Gerson Bettancourt

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