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Use the links on the right to view a list of recent acquisitions in the Music Resource Center. These lists are organized by subject or genre and then by Library of Congress classification. They include both Vertical File items and HELIN cataloged items.

In some instances where there is no existing library record to import into HELIN (as in the case of many non-commercial CDs, for example) these databases may be the only searchable listing of a Resource Center item.


What's Good?



Beach Boys Pet Sounds CDJ Beach 1

Mixing the sounds of balalaikas, bass harmonicas, theremins, and gorgeous multi-part vocal harmonies, songwriter and producer Brian Wilson's 1966 pop masterpiece exhibits youthful exuberence combined with a wistful nostalgia for simpler times (bicycle bells, a barking dog and a train whistle turn up as well).

Wilson's follow up to this album, the Beach Boy's never-completed Smile, was to be his "teenage symphony to God." That phrase could just as well describe Pet Sounds. Well worth your time, especially if all you know of the Beach Boys is "Surfin' U.S.A.."

"You Still Believe in Me" (excerpt)

Gerry Recommends...

Lyn Goeringer: Sound Installation and Live Mix in Fine Arts C100 at the University of Rhode Island.

If you weren't there on Wednesday April 2, 2012 between 7:30 and 8:15pmyou really missed something wonderful. But here's a video I made of the event - it's best viewed in the dark because the room itself was dark.

Dr. Goeringer was an adjunct faculty in the Music Department and in the Art Department at the University of Rhode Island. Her compositions reflect her interest in the study of sound frequencies and how they interact within specific locations. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Electronic Music and Digital Arts in the TIMARA program at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin OH. Her web page:






Ocean State Chamber Orchestra / Ocean State Youth Orchestras

CDCA ORCH 21 - 49




Ann Danis




I'm currently (summer of 2014) cataloging a collection of CDs donated to the Music Resource Center by Ann Danis who conducted the Ocean State Chamber Orchestra and directed the Ocean State Yourth Orchestra program from the early 1990s until the closure of the those organizations sometime in 2006.  By the Fall you should see all content and featured soloists in the bibliographic records for this series in the HELIN online library catalog.


The Youth Orchestra CDs in particular will be a great resource for Music Education majors who need examples of good workable literature for school string groups and orchestras.