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URI Alert Status
Last updated 8 December 2014, 12:42 PM

Current status

Normal operating conditions.


Emergency preparedness is based upon individual responses to urgent situations. We are all "first responders" to any given emergency.

The following six-minute video, used with the permission of Towson University (Baltimore) and edited by URI Marketing and Communications, provides some very useful tips for how to respond safely and effectively in some emergency situations and what actions to take when directions like "lockdown," "shelter," "shelter in place" or "evacuate" are given.

All members of the community -- students, faculty, staff and visitors -- are encouraged to view the video to be better prepared to help themselves and others in an emergency.


The University of Rhode Island works to provide safe and healthy campuses for its students, faculty, staff and visitors. This Alert page is the site where community members will find factual and timely information related to emergency situations, power outages, weather alers and other campus notices. Such notices will also be available from:

  • This page which will be accessed from the URI home page.
  • The University's alert phone line, 874-SNOW (7669).
  • URI's EmergencyAlert text message service.
  • URI social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Read about the whole process for Weather Notices and related items.


There are many wonderful stories of our community members coming together to support one other during an emergency situation. At any time, any concerned students, faculty or staff are encouraged to reach out to any of the various campus support services that are available including:

Emergency Alert
Depends on YOU

The safety of all members of the University community is our number one priority. As many community members have learned, if there is an emergency affecting the community -- whether you live on campus, down-the-line, or anywhere off-site -- the University puts overlapping communication tools to work to keep community members informed.

URI's Emergency Alert system is one tool that is used to reach all faculty, staff and students who have registered to receive the voice/text notices on their cell phones, PDAs and/or other devices. Notices are also posted on the URI home page, URI Alerts, Facebook, and Twitter.

If we don't have your number please:

  • Log onto eCampus to update your contact information. It does take 48 business hours for any additions or changes.
    Student eCampus
    Faculty/Staff eCampus
  • If you don't remember your campus ID or password, contact the URI Help Desk, 874-4357
  • Once at eCampus, select the "URI Emergency Alert System" choice from the left-hand menu, and follow the related links. Set your contact priorities as listed above.

Please Know: This emergency contact information is NOT included in the University's online or print directories. Data is stored in a completely different, secure database.

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