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About the Inner Space Center
The Inner Space Center was created by Dr. Ballard at the URI Graduate School of Oceanography to enable students and researchers of the Institute for Archaeological Oceanography to monitor, track and disseminate information about oceanography and archaeology in real time.

Located at the University of Rhode's Narragansett Bay Campus, the Center will be used for the first time for the 2004 Titanic expedition.

The Center is based on the NASA command center model. Signals from the remotely operated vehicles in the field are transmitted through a satellite telecommunication system to a replica of the shipboard control center.

The Center includes workstations linked to the Internet to provide students, faculty and researchers with "live" access to archaeological oceanographic expeditions on a 24-hour basis.

Working in cooperation with NOAA, other federal agencies, and many private sector institutions, the Inner Space Center addresses the limited opportunities that exist for students and researchers to participate in expeditions that build their scientific careers. It will also enable researchers or students with physical restrictions to participate directly in field study
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