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Students receive $13,200 for research in spring 2004

Media Contact: Todd McLeish, 401-874-7892

KINGSTON, R.I. -- January 23, 2004 -- Twenty-eight graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Rhode Island have been awarded grants to conduct research during the spring 2004 semester on such wide-ranging topics as sharks in the Virgin Islands, eating disorders among athletes, and early detection of multiple sclerosis.

For more than 20 years, grants have been awarded each year by the URI Office of the Provost based on an evaluation of proposals by a review committee made up of representatives from a broad range of disciplines. Undergraduate students are eligible for up to $500, while graduate students may receive up to $800.

"The opportunity for undergraduate students to support research through a competitive grant program provides them with another way to learn and enhance the experience of the classroom," said Judith Swift, interim vice provost for academic affairs. "The ability to articulate, plan, execute, evaluate and report on a funded project is a hallmark in the honing of critical and analytical thinking skills.

"For graduate students, the awards mirror the path their major professors take in procuring external funding for research, scholarship and creative activity. These grants assist our graduate students in their progress toward the completion of advanced degrees while preparing for the challenging world of competitive grants in their future careers," she said.

The list of students receiving grants follow:

2003-04 Undergraduate/Graduate Research Grants




Project Title

Biagioni, Amy

Foster, RI

Early Detection of Multiple Sclerosis

Concodello, Michael

Marlborough, CT

Response of Blue Mussels to Simulated Non-lethal Snail Predation:

Eitas, Timothy

Cumberland, RI

The Generation of Transgenics for Promoter Analysis within Arabidopsis thaliana

Goldman, Jacob

West Hartford, CT

Development of a Next Generation E-learning System Intended to Deliver Critical Thinking Skills

Greene, Andrew

Warwick, RI

Focusing Properties of Photonic Crystals

Kelsay, Daniel

Mansfield, MA

Regional Heterogeneity of Action Potential in the Mouse Heart

Lahr, Lisa

Middletown, RI

Photo Documentary of the Former Soviet Republic of Georgia

Lalli, Rosanna

East Longmeadow, MA

Dockside Seafood Sales: A Comparative Analysis

Marsden, Brent

Jebediah McClusky

Cumberland, RI

Bangor, ME

Finger Switch Control Unit

Nault, Clarissa

Kingston, RI

A Knotted Rug

Octavio, Leah Mae

New York, NY

Effects of Varying Light and Dark Cycles and Controlled Red Light Intensity on the Polysaccharide Production of Porphyridium cruentum

Pizza, Christopher

Westerly, RI

Cardiac Right Ventricular Muscle Fiber Orientation in the Mouse

Reed, Douglass

Warwick, RI

The Philosophy of Humor

Serpa, John

Barrington, RI

Creating Forms for Voices

Vieira, Suzette

West Warwick, RI

Electroencephalographic Effects of Slow Stoke Back Massage on Hospitalized Post-operative Patients with Pain

Graduate Students


Project Title

Boller, Michael

Middletown, RI

Three-dimensional Force Measurement in Intertidal Algae

DeAngelis, Bryan

Charlestown, RI

The Identification of Shark Species Composition and Nursery Habitat in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Dutton-Greene, Leila

North Kingstown, RI

Testing a Model of Unwanted Pursuit and Stalking

Finley, Rachel

Seattle, WA

Examining the Direct Impact of Ectoparasites on Reef Fish

Hall, Kara

Wakefield, RI

A Meta-analytic Examination of Decisional Balance Across Stage Transitions:

Marchand, Stephanie

South Kingstown, RI

Prevention of Eating Problems Among Athletes

McElroy, William

Charlestown, RI

The Diet, Gastric Evacuation, and Feeding Ecology of Juvenile Sandbar Sharks.

Mena, Jasmine

Providence, RI

Educational Resilience: Latino High School Students and Intent to Graduate

Place, Susan

Maestri-Moden, Xristin

Barrington, RI

Coventry, RI

Acceptance and Letting Go at Times of Death

Podlesak, David

Wakefield, RI

Using Stable Isotopes of Carbon in Breath and Blood to Identify Dietary Changes Migratory Birds

Rego, Sheri

Greene, RI

An Assessment of Pre-enrollment Diet Quality of Low-income, Elderly Food Stamp Participants

Smith, Susan

Kingston, RI

The Influence of Diet on Plasma Metabolite Levels in White-throated Sparrows