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White House Teleconference on Helping America’s Youth can be viewed at URI Oct. 27

Media Contact: Todd McLeish, 401-874-7892

KINGSTON, R.I. – October 25, 2005 -- The public is invited to participate in a White House Teleconference on Helping America’s Youth, led by First Lady Laura Bush, which can be viewed in room 360 of the Memorial Union at the University of Rhode Island from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27.

The event is designed to bring together policymakers, researchers, educators, parents and community organizations to share examples of what is already working to make a difference in the lives of young Americans, and to generate new ideas that can be used across the country.

The teleconference is being held at Howard University and simulcast at a major university in each of the 50 states. URI is the host site in Rhode Island.

The teleconference will include remarks by President Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, cabinet secretaries, and nearly two dozen experts discussing such topics as “Challenges Facing Our Youth,” “Research Based Solutions to Our Challenges,” “Connecting with Family,” and “Connecting with School.” Participants will be able to email questions and comments directly to the conference.

Background information on the initiative is available on Mrs. Bush’s website at

Seating is limited so those interested in participating in the teleconference must RSVP to Thomas Dougan, vice president for student affairs, by calling 401-874-2427 or emailing It is not necessary to attend the entire teleconference, but please indicate in your RSVP which hours you plan to attend.

The complete schedule of speakers and topics follows:

SESSION I Challenges Facing Our Youth
Moderator: VIP
• Michael Resnick, Ph.D. - Challenges Facing All Youth
Professor of Pediatrics & Director of Research Adolescent Health, School of Medicine, University of Minnesota
• Eli Newberger, M.D. - Challenges Facing Boys
Professor, Harvard Medical School/Founder, Child Protection Team & Family Development Program, Children’s Hospital of Boston

SESSION II What We Know Works – Principles of Successful Programs (Design and Implementation)
• J. David Hawkins, Ph.D. – Implementation
Professor of Prevention, Director- Social Development Research Group, University of Washington

SESSION III Community Guide to Helping America's Youth
Moderator: VIP
• Terence Thornberry, Ph.D. – Research Associated w/ the Community Assessment Guide
Director, Hindelang Criminal Research Center
• Michael O’Grady, Ph.D. – Introduction/Background, Helping America’s Youth Community Assessment Guide
Assistant Secretary for Planning & Evaluation, U.S. Department of Heath & Human Services
• Regina Schofield – Community Assessment Guide Demonstration
Assistant Attorney General, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice
• Community Representative, Tool Demonstration/Testimony

SESSION IV Connecting with Family
Moderator: VIP
• Julie Baumgardner – Family & Marriages
Executive Director, First Things First
• Phillippe Cunningham, Ph.D. – Parenting
Associate Professor, Family Services Research Center, Medical University of South Carolina
• Mark Merrill – Fatherhood
President, Family First

SESSION V Connecting with School
Moderator: VIP
• Sheppard Kellam, Ph.D. - Good Behavior Game
Director, Center for Integrating Education and Prevention Research in Schools, American Institutes for Research
• Tommy Ledbetter – Striving Readers Program
Principal, Buckhorn High School, Meridianville, Alabama
• Carol Winkler, Ph.D. – Computer Assisted Debate League
Chair, Department of Communication, Georgia State University

SESSION VI[A] Connecting with Community
Moderator: VIP
• Marguerite Salle – America’s Promise
President and CEO, America’s Promise
• Duncan Campbell - Friends of the Children
Founder, Friends of the Children
• Wintley Phipps, Reverend – U.S. Dream Academy
Founder, President & CEO, U.S. Dream Academy

SESSION VI[B] Connecting with Community
Moderator: VIP
• Father Greg Boyle – Homeboy Industries
Founder and Executive Director, Homeboy Industries
• Gary Slutkin, M.D. - Ceasefire CEO
Executive Director, Chicago Project for Violence Prevention
• N. Scott Momaday – Buffalo Trust
Founder and Chairman, The Buffalo Trust
• Michael Tenbusch - Think Detroit
Chief Executive Officer, Think Detroit