Alessandra Portukalian ‘16

When she entered the University of Rhode Island, Alessandra knew she wanted to study physical therapy and felt that the undergraduate major in kinesiology would best prepare her to succeed.

“Through becoming a physical therapist I hope that I will be able to educate patients about their ailments, so they are able to look past any insecurity and focus on working to get better and strive toward the bright future that exists within their reach.”

During the fall 2014 and spring 2015 semesters Alessandra completed an internship in the URI Sports Medicine Student Athletic Training Room. Throughout her internship, she worked with student-athletes who were injured or were prepping for their upcoming game or practice. She also worked side-by-side with the University’s athletic trainers on the sidelines during football games and team practices.

Alessandra is completing a full-time internship at Cedar Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Cranston. She works with the rehabilitation team, specifically the physical therapists, to treat patients and help them recover.

“Through these experiences, I have been able to expose myself to a variety of areas in the field of physical therapy. In doing so I have strengthened my desire to pursue a career in the field.”

The day after her graduation in May, Alessandra began URI’s three-year doctor of physical therapy program.  “After I finish my graduate degree, I hope to own a private outpatient physical therapy practice,” she said. “As a physical therapist, I hope to be able to use my own personal experiences to help others move forward and feel better, both physically and emotionally.”