It’s no surprise that Andrew Clemente (AJ) is an entrepreneurial management major. After all, before he even graduated from high school, he’d already started and sold his own company – a company featuring an e-commerce website template he designed that is still in high demand four years later. He received a Young Entrepreneur scholarship from the National Federation of Independent Business and has been doing freelance web design projects for clients around the world since before he enrolled at URI. In fact, you might have seen some of those clients at SXSW (South by Southwest, that big music, film, and interactive conference).

But it was here at URI- spending hours and hours tweaking and re-tweaking, then completely overhauling the University of Rhode Island’s homepage and other top-level pages – where AJ has developed and fine-tuned his technical skills to support his business mindset. Now, he says he’s ready for bigger projects that will allow him to transform web design so that it’s fully responsive to all users and mediums. Just think, as you surf the web these days and in the future, you might just be looking at AJ’s big ideas.