Cracking the Code

girl and mom working at a laptop

Family Coding Night at Cranston Public Library

Photography by Ayla Fox

Students in the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies are teaching Rhode Island families how to write code. Coding, or writing in a language computers understand, is a highly prized skill in business and demand for it is only expected to increase.

Through a grant from Infosys Foundation USA, master’s degree candidates in the GSLIS program will be teaching children and their parents coding skills at Rhode Island public libraries as part of a national Family Code Night initiative. 

The first library-based code night was held in December at the Cranston Public Library. The Providence Community Library and Central Falls Adams Library will host future coding nights this winter.

“Computing is a skill tied to every industry,” said Valerie Karno, director of the University’s GSLIS program. “Capturing the interest of young students and providing them with the skills they need to learn to code is essential.

“Involving their parents in the process is a way to increase engagement and enhance motivation.”