URI Finals Guide

Welcome to the URI Finals Guide! Wondering how to study efficiently, write papers well, better prepare for and perform on exams, oh, and relax this week? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

1. Take a wellness break

One of the best things a student can do to prepare for finals week is to unwind before revving up. Take a look at what Campus Recreation has planned for a stress-less exam week.

2. Write with a plan

Students don’t need to go it alone when writing end-of-semester papers. The peer tutors at URI’s Writing Center are ready to work with students at whatever stage they’re at in the development of their papers. Take a look at how to write with a plan.

3. Read textbooks like a college professor

Managing a mountain of reading before a final is daunting but doable with a strategy. Learn how to read a textbook in record time and take useful notes, too.

4. Ditch the phone

Smarter in an instant? It’s possible. Experts say putting the phone away can make a real difference in performance on exams.

5. Know you’re in good hands

The stress of finals week can affect a student’s well-being in multiple ways. Fortunately, URI’s Mental Health First Aid program has trained more than 800 staff and resident assistants to know the signs of students in distress.