Joseph Marriott


Mechanical engineering

My wife, Mary Ann, and I are ‘old-farts’ who planned on celebrating our 60th anniversary with a three-week Road Scholar cruise, starting in Athens on May 24, cruising on both sides of the Adriatic Sea, and going around the tip of Italy to Genoa. Needless to say, our cruise was cancelled. Our son’s Christmas gift to us was dinner and tickets to a now-cancelled Johnny Mathis concert (his version of “Misty” is OUR song). Also in jeopardy is our planned October trip to the Sun Valley Jazz and Music Festival. This year, we were looking forward to attending as a small sponsor for their GREAT festival.


We are now mostly hunkered down in our home with just occasional trips for necessities. Fortunately, I stocked up on wine before the NY lockdown. When weather permits, we take one mile+ walks around our extended neighborhood and have met many nice people whom we would have not known prior to the virus. Our family and close neighbors have offered shopping help. Of course, communication is done at 6-foot distancing.

We do our own gardening and grass cutting, but need the help of grandsons for heavy lifting and bending. Creaking knees and sciatica limit plantings.

I have been singing with the Huntington Men’s Chorus since the spring of 1986 ( I served as president from 1999–2001); This is the first time we were unable to have our spring concert. The HMC has performed concerts since 1949. The sound of a male chorus can be thrilling. Not rehearsing and concert singing has left a hole in my social life. We especially will miss hosting the traditional post-concert afterglow party for about 40 guests.

Lastly, we miss church, where we are Eucharistic ministers and food collectors for our parish food pantry. Mary Ann is VERY involved with the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program.

However, as homebodies watching TV—we are into the fourth season of “Cheers” on Netflix—and communicating with family and friends, we count our blessings. We are fortunate to be vertical, active, and involved, and not concerned with food and shelter.