URI spins a website to end hunger in America

KINGSTON, R.I. — September 29, 1999 — The University of Rhode Island Feinstein Center for a Hunger-Free America is looking for your John Hancock. As Hancock put his signature on one of America’s most important documents-the Declaration of Independence-you too can jot your signature on an important historical petition, started by Alan Shawn Feinstein, designed to help eliminate hunger in America. The Feinstein petition calls for Congress and the president to make a commitment to end hunger in this country. URI’s Center is seeking 1 million signatures to show government officials just how many Americans want their help to end this national disgrace. To date 357,308 signatures have been collected. To increase support, URI has placed the petition on the Internet, giving people across the country the opportunity to sign it electronically. People can also print the petition to gather additional signatures. The website address is www.uri.edu/volunteer/endhunger/ Alan Shawn Feinstein, benefactor of URI’s center, is a nationally-known philanthropist and humanitarian and founder of the Feinstein Foundation who is dedicated to the battle to end hunger. He has repeatedly stated: “To have 35 million people in the greatest, richest country either go hungry or worry about hunger is a shame. It is our shame.” To deal effectively with hunger in the United States, a team effort is needed. Policy, activism, and research are all necessary. The statistics on URI’s website are sobering: · 20 million people in this country are hungry. · 10 million American children are malnourished. · 4 million children under 12 are going hungry. · One in 10 American households are experiencing hunger. URI’s Feinstein Center for a Hunger-free America wants to enlist a multitude of soldiers in this important battle. Won’t you sign on? For more information, call Kathy Cevoli, interim coordinator, at 401-277-5427. For More Information: Jan Sawyer, 401-874-2116