Rhode Island police officers complete forensic course at URI

Rhode Island police officers complete forensic course at URI KINGSTON, R.I. — May 31, 2000 — Thirty-four Rhode Island police officers became the 28th class to complete a 24-week course on Criminal Investigation – Scientific Evidence, that is given by the Rhode Island State Crime Lab, which is affiliated with the University of Rhode Island’s College of Pharmacy, through the College of Continuing Education. The police officers were trained in crime scene photography, fingerprinting, and the collection and preservation of evidence such as fingerprints, firearms, blood and seminal stains and glass. They completed the class on April 14. “They learned a great deal about photography and fingerprints and how the crime lab examines the evidence for connections between a suspect and the crime scene or the suspect and the victim,” says Dennis Hilliard, director of the State Crime Laboratory, who coordinates the course. “Evidence is always exchanged between the suspect, the victim and the crime scene; their job is to locate and preserve it.” Officers take this course to become familiar with the techniques involved in crime scene investigations and to advance within their profession. The eight undergraduate credits earned could entitle them to an increase in their salary, through the attainment of a bachelor’s degree, or a promotion within their department. It also provides them with credibility when testifying in court. Since the Crime School’s founding in 1953 by Dr. Harold Harrison, 878 police officers have been awarded certificates. Many of the graduates now hold command positions in their departments. Experienced active and retired police officers and the staff of the Crime Laboratory teach the course. The class held a graduation/dinner ceremony at Evelyn’s Villa in West Warwick. The Class presented the State Crime Laboratory with a donation to purchase needed equipment for the Laboratory and the next class. For Further Information: Dennis C. Hilliard 401-874-2893, Dave Lavallee 401-874-2116