Fingerprint specialist to speak at seminar

KINGSTON, R.I. – December 2, 2008, – Donna Brandelli, a former member of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department of Scientific Services will discuss “Multidiscipline Approach to Crime Scene Investigation” at the University of Rhode Island’s Forensic Science Seminar.

The discussion will take place Friday, Dec. 5, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in Pastore Hall, 51 Lower College Road, Room 124. The seminars are free and open to public.

Brandelli has presented at such events as the National Crime Lab Directors Symposium where she presented her research that she had conducted on the durability of fingerprints, particularly on the permanence of friction ridge skin. Along with her research team, she had discovered that fingerprints do not change over time, but that they do in fact stay permanent and unique.

Organized by URI’s Forensic Science Partnership, the Forensic Science Seminar Series has brought hundreds of international, national and regional experts to the Kingston Campus each semester since the partnership began in 1999. Speakers representing the many different specialized areas of forensic science are brought in to present their real-life experience in their fields. These seminars have fueled greater interest in the academic forensic programs.