Live wolf program comes to URI, Oct. 21

KINGSTON, R.I. – October 14, 2009 – The University of Rhode Island will be the setting for Mission: Wolf Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. in Edwards Auditorium, 64 Upper College Road, Kingston campus.

Mission: Wolf, an education versus extinction program, is a non-profit wolf sanctuary in the Wet Mountains of southern Colorado. It is home to 40 captive born gray wolves and wolf-dog hybrids.

The evening event is an opportunity to learn about a variety of environmental issues as well as a chance to meet Maggie, a Colorado timber wolf and Abraham, a year-old wolf hybrid.

The event features a slide show and a live wolf presentation that addresses the issues surrounding the preservation of the wolf and other wildlife.

Highlights include wild wolf issues and current status, captive wolves and hybrid ownership, wolf communication and behavioral comparison to dogs, and lessons learned from Yellowstone National Park.

The evening might also provide the chance to meet one of the youngest additions to Mission Wolf–a 6-month old Arctic wolf. Individuals age 10 and up are invited to attend. Tickets are $10 for URI students with ID and $15 for visitors.

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Attention members of the media: If you are interested in further information for an article or story:

• The Mission Wolf website, is a great reference.

• Program coordinator, Pam Brown (845-679-7519) is available for a phone interview regarding the background of this successful program that is in its 20th year and has reached more than 500,000 people. She would be a great resource for an article on wolf conservation efforts.

• A time can be scheduled for an interview Oct. 21 while Kent Weber and Tracy Brooks, owners of Mission Wolf, are in Rhode Island.