Cold weather warning: Ensure windows are closed and secured before leaving for weekend

Feb. 24 2023

Frigid weather warning

Facilities Operations wants the campus community to be aware of a change in the weather that will drop temperatures into the low teens this weekend.

The facilities team asks members of the University community to ensure windows and doors are closed and secured before leaving for the weekend. Leaving windows and doors open could result in frozen pipes and subsequent damage, as well as the loss of University property. Also, please remember to keep the heat on in your buildings and offices.

Please report any concerns to the control center at 874-4060.

If you live down-the-line

Make sure your heat is set high enough to prevent pipes from freezing, particularly in homes with inadequate insulation. Another way to prevent pipes from freezing is to let faucets drip during the extremely cold period. Shut all windows and doors, including storm windows and doors.