How to Eat Healthily During the Holidays

Eggnog, gingerbread, Christmas cookies: They can derail the healthiest eater. Bri Blank offers tips that allow you to enjoy favorite foods without overdoing it. 1. Don’t fill up on appetizers. Pick a few favorites to enjoy. Keep in mind dinner is up next. 2. Prioritize main-course favorites. When you do, you can take larger amounts of those and smaller amounts of […]

Dunn Dishes on Celeb Cats

Syndication of Breaking Cat News has creator Georgia Dunn sharing the comics page with talent the caliber of Gary Larson (The Far Side), Jim Davis (Garfield) and Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes). As a child, she tore through Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield compilations. “I paid attention to their storylines, looking to see what worked […]

Masha Gessen

Winning writers

When it comes to choosing writers to headline the Ocean State Writing Conference, URI has a knack for picking winners.