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The University of Rhode Island is the academic and research home of oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard. On this site, there are links to information about Dr. Ballard, the Titanic expedition, the Graduate School of Oceanography, the new Institute for Archaeological Oceanography and the Inner Space Center, and to the various programs related to careers in oceanography.

The University's Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO), is one of the largest and most widely known graduate schools of oceanography in the U.S. and now also the first in the world to provide a graduate program in Archaeological Oceanography.

The GSO is the cornerstone of an array of marine programs at the University that include some from the Colleges of Engineering, Environment and Life Sciences, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Through the University's Office of Marine Programs (OMP), visitors can also explore some of the steps, from elementary through high school and college, that may lead one to become an ocean explorer.

Elementary and secondary school teachers also will find links at the OMP for valuable classroom activities and interactive materials to inspire and encourage their students and continuing education options for themselves as well.

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