Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As I hope you know, on Thursday, January 31 across the United States we will attempt to "Focus the Nation" on the issues of global warming. The URI community will be participating in this largest teach-in in American history to help us educate and advocate for change. The URI home page has links to the activities on our campuses and to the national leadership for "Focus the Nation." We have much to do in Rhode Island as well.

URI scientists, social scientists, engineers, humanists, and educators are deeply involved in researching and teaching about the subject of climate change. On Thursday, there are many ways the campus community can demonstrate our leadership and support of this effort. I ask you all to take the following actions as a community:

  1. Please turn off all lights (except those required for safety reasons) for ten minutes at 1 p.m. on Thursday the 31st of January.
  2. On the night of Wednesday, January 30, please power off all personal computers until morning.
  3. Limit your showers on Wednesday night or Thursday morning to five minutes.
  4. Make a special effort to carpool to our campuses or take public transportation on Thursday.
  5. Thank our faculty members, staff and students who are participating in the teach-in for their leadership.
  6. Take a few minutes to go on line to calculate your own personal carbon footprint and how you might reduce it.

Climate change will impact all of our lives over the coming years. Knowing why and how that will happen can help us both learn about the science and policy issues we face and what we can change in our own personal lives. Please get involved!


Robert L. Carothers