Robert Davis

’69, M.A. ’72

Zoology, higher ed counseling

My wife Susan and I live with my 101-year-old mother in Marlborough, Mass. We are adapting to being without physical contact with others and a life that seems to be on pause. I plan to retire in June after 42 years of representing speakers and booking them at colleges in NY, NJ, OH and PA. I am happy I’ve reached the finish line, but concerned about the future of the industry. We’ve been able to work remotely for a decade or so from anywhere on the planet ( I did so from Australia last year). The question is, how people will accept virtual communication and entertainment (sports, music, theater) in the long-term? It will be an interesting period for the social psychologists, for sure.


I am helping keep our firm viable and looking for volunteer work to assist people in need. Mom keeps me busy, I enjoy cooking, and I’m about to jump into the bread making world. E-reading is a pleasure, so I am up to date with all my favorite authors. Sue and I love to binge watch European murder mysteries (Netflix, Acorn, Britbox, and Amazon). Sue is 9 years younger than I, and continues to enjoy running her international marketing firm.

We’ve enjoyed incredible visits around the globe, and I guess this pleasure will be deferred for now. I’m sad that we had to cancel our July Newport house rental (we sold mom’s house in December) and that will make it difficult to go to Third Beach in Middletown. It is clearly our favorite spot on Earth.

Our reunion last year was great, especially mine with Stephen Long, who was my partner in creating the SEC. We both feel that providing the University and its students with a top flight platform to present the best contemporary music and thinkers was one of the highlights of our lives. It certainly was a springboard to every wonderful thing that I experienced in my 73 years. So, tip-of-the-cap to Roger Conway and Bob Rainville for giving us the keys to the car.

I wish all my Rhody brothers and sisters continued good health and happiness. I have attached a picture of me and Alan Lasher, taken at last year’s St. Joe’s game as part of a mini AEPi reunion.