Michael DeLuca

’80, M.C.P. ’88

Natural resources, community planning

As the town planner in Narragansett, I am adapting to a life of limited work interactions due to COVID-19. Ordinarily, my office is a central access point for the public; some seeking general zoning info and others working with our planners to bring their home projects to fruition. The office is closed to the public for now, and staff are working remotely. I am here daily, wearing my mask, donated by Cardi’s (very soft thank you), and doing 2–3 Zoom conferences daily. While it has been difficult to conduct group projects with staff and applicants, it has been somewhat liberating to have near total control of my schedule. Focus on project reviews is better, but must fit in between all the teleconferences. Because of all this new visual exposure, I have developed a new habit—making sure my hair is combed.