Melissa Fajardo

’12, M.S. ’14

Spanish, health sciences, counseling and family studies

Life under quarantine? Honestly, I love it. Aside from the new precautions I have to take and missing the liberty of doing and going wherever I want whenever I want, I feel more productive. I work from home and feel like I can get more done. It was an easy transition! My dog gets regular exercise and I have set personal goals for my physical and mental well-being.


I am now home all the time. Physical hang outs have turned into virtual hangouts. It’s hard not being able to celebrate friends’ milestones or travel—hopefully that’s only temporary. I’m supporting local restaurants that are doing takeout. My friends and I have done virtual zoom “parties” and virtual “bachelorette” parties to celebrate since we cannot do it in person. My workout routines have changed from going to a gym to virtual workout classes, getting creative with what I have at home, and being outdoors. I’ve set personal goals for myself: I challenged myself to run 100 miles for the month of April! I’m also making sure my dog gets his walks and I have done some grocery shopping for a friend’s mom who can’t leave her house.

I am attempting to make cloth masks with my late mother’s sewing machine and my late grandmother’s seamstress scissors—items I would not touch otherwise. I done some baking and cooking I would not have done otherwise. I made bagels and they were a success! My dog has also benefited from homemade baked goods.

I believe it will take many months before we’re back to normal. Serious social restrictions might be implemented. Employers might allow people to work from home if they were productive in quarantine. Some may have no job to return to. And I think when folks are out in public, it will not be out of the norm for them to wear masks.

I am grateful to still be employed and healthy and I want to say a big THANK YOU to those who are working on the front lines.