Allen Hale


Mechanical engineering

My life hasn’t changed all that much other than the inability to travel. I live in NE Thailand; Travel—local and international—is a big part of our lifestyle. The COVID 19 crisis has robbed me of some of my sense of control over my life, taken away many of my available choices, and restricted many of my freedoms. So far, 53 people in all of Thailand have died, which, to me, is not very threatening or justification for shutting down our economy. I am thankful that here in Thailand, the crisis has not been politicized.

With the restrictions in place, I spend more of my time learning and refining my photographic post refining techniques from YouTube videos. As for current conditions and future conditions, they are what they are and will be what they will be. I cannot control either, other than to prepare to make informed decisions and actions for myself as conditions evolve. I have confidence that better days will come—someday. I am making plans, travel plans, for those days.

Dancers jumping in midair wearing colorful traditional costumes
Allen Hale ’71, who lives in Thailand, writes that the COVID-19 crisis has taken away many of his choices, and restricted his ability to travel.