Randy Vogenberg



My life has changed due to social distancing—no arts or entertainment (other than online or TV), and very limited outings to stores, along with just take-out from restaurants here in South Carolina. I was already working from home, so little change in that regard related to consulting or research projects. But I am doing more Zoom and online meetings with larger than normal or different groups of people, both socially and professionally. I continue to look for, drive, and support innovation in healthcare and I’m active in my local Rotary Club of Greenville City Center, through which we do service activities.

A chalk drawing of a heartI’m struggling with wanting to get back to business on more regular terms and eliminate uncertainties brought about the various levels of social distancing and “shut-down.” But in the meantime, I’m learning new things about people. I really enjoy multi-generational housing communities to relieve the boredom or concerns of limited travel, etc. I’m interacting with neighbors, especially children and families, in my small community of townhomes that is part of—and adjacent to—a large park system in our upstate city.

When the quarantine restrictions end, I will appreciate the freedom of movement and having all the businesses open, especially those that are locally owned and operated.

Photos: Sidewalk Art: done in front of our townhome unit by our neighbors children, Libby & Pete. We live in Greenville, SC within the local city park called Cleveland Park.
Context of community: HOA = homeowners association, 13 homeowners with individual homeowners that are members of the HOA neighborhood. The two children are our next door neighbors – Libby & Peter who are 6 and 4 years old.