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From URI Magazine Readers

Cover of University of Rhode Island Magazine Fall 2023

Remembering Ibraham Abdul-Matin ’99

I am stunned in hearing of the passing of Ibe (“A Remembrance of Friendship,” fall 2023). He was a great friend to my son and to myself. You made the world a little better, Ibe.

—Gail Rashed Faris, M.A. ’73, M.S. ’96

Bringing Women of Color to the Waves

“Toward a More Colorful Lineup” (fall 2023) elicited many notes and comments, including these:

Two inspiring pioneers! A credit to our community. Keep on keepin’ on.
—Phil Aaronson ’67

Wonderful! Keep up the great work!
—Michele Crowley ’99

Great stuff, Zane and Sullivan. Yeah, our color should not determine our life and how we live it. Rooting for you both.
—Emmanuel Oyewole, URI graduate student in marine affairs

A tree-lined pedestrian walkway in autumn

Memory Lane

This photo (Hammerschlag Mall by Andrew D’Aiello ’26, fall 2023) brings back memories of my nightly trips after dinner from Fraternity Circle to the library to study engineering. I went 3–4 times a week, as studying at the frat was not productive. Walking back to my room through the mall was a great feeling.
—Steve Eustis ’78

From the Editor

Ang Cai, Ph.D. ’17, captured this photo of comet NEOWISE on July 19, 2020. The cupola atop Green hall on URI’s Kingston Campus is in the foreground.

As we get ready to send this issue to print, it’s a cold February day. But it’s sunny and dry, unlike the wet and stormy weather we’ve seen quite a bit of this winter. Our cover story about Rhode Island rivers and the URI scientists who are working to help us understand and manage them seems particularly important after a season marked by significant coastal and river flooding in Rhode Island and beyond.

But this story only scratches the surface. There are many people, lots of research, and many parts of the story we simply couldn’t include here. There’s more to tell and more to come.

And that’s the nature of what we do here at URI Magazine. The URI students, alumni, staff, and faculty featured in each issue are always an inspiring few who represent the many members of our community who are helping, thinking, creating, and making the world better—in big ways and small—every day.

—Barbara Caron, Editor-in-Chief

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