Legacy of Bristol boy helps fund college for Barrington woman

Legacy of Bristol boy helps fund college for Barrington woman KINGSTON, R.I. — October 16, 1998 — This is a story of a boy, a woman, and a philanthropist and how each life touches the other. Justin Micheal Machado was a fun-loving, 10-year-old Bristol resident, quick with a smile, always giving things away to others. When Justin read a newspaper article that philanthropist Alan Shawn Feinstein was giving away Babe Ruth baseball cards, Justin begged his mother, Patricia Hunt, to take him to the Cranston ice cream store where Feinstein and the cards were. “That’s the man in my Good Deeds book,” said Justin. For several Saturdays, Hunt drove Justin and his sisters, Amanda and Alicia, to collect the baseball cards Feinstein was giving away. Justin collected two sets whose value in time could help defray the cost of college. Justin couldn’t wait for his Saturday visits with Feinstein. When he saw the philanthropist, Justin would run and kiss him. Feinstein gave Justin and his sisters a valuable book about space. A photo was taken. One day, Justin asked the philanthropist: “When you die, can I take over your foundation?” Feinstein chuckled and told Justin if he continued his good works, it just might happen. Little did anyone know that Justin’s good deeds-buying groceries for the hungry, giving up one Christmas present so that a needy child could have a merry holiday, leaving Christmas trees on doorsteps-were coming to an end. A freak accident at home resulted in Justin’s death this past January. Grief stricken and worried, his mom said that Justin came to her in a vision and told her to call Mr. Feinstein. She did. “He was so kind and caring,” says Hunt. “Mr. Feinstein is a guardian angel of all guardian angels. He’s the kindest person I have ever met in my life.” This August, Hunt volunteered her time during the Governor’s Bay Day celebration in Colt State Park in Bristol as she does each year. Working with Radio Station Light 101 staff, she helped set up, serve hot dogs, and clean up. “This year, I volunteered in honor of Mr. Feinstein for all that he has done for the family. It was my small way to thank him.” This past June, Feinstein donated $3-million to the URI Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Continuing Education in Providence. The gift established a full-day kindergarten at the Dr. Pat Feinstein Child Development Center, located on the first floor of the college and also created an endowment for scholarships for adult learners. Feinstein asked that the scholarships bear the names of individuals “whose lives were tragically cut short.” Feinstein named one for Justin. That’s where the woman in this story comes in. Luciana Raad of Barrington, single mother of two-year-old Alexander Raad, is trying to earn her graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is the recipient of The Justin Micheal Machado Scholarship. Raad attends classes at Feinstein college and works in the child development center. The 25-year-old also works at Bradley Hospital to make ends meet. The scholarship means she doesn’t have to go further in debt with loans. Being chosen for Justin’s scholarship touches her. “I’m extremely sensitive when it comes to children,” Raad said, pausing to wipe away her tears. “I’m extremely honored and grateful for the scholarship.” List of other recipients follow. Other scholarships, recipients, and hometowns are: Deceased Recipient Daryl Denelle of Wakefield Matthew Therien, Narragansett Timothy Lyons, East Greenwich Linda M. Sheffield, Westerly David Ricci of Cranston Ruth M. Crawford, Cranston Charles Yergeau, Portsmouth Janice M. Scherdt, Newport Carrie Lyn Matheus, Middletown Angel Green, Newport Tanya Mairs, Wakefield Bianca Rivera, Lincoln Sara Holmes, Cranston Valaree-Jean Baumgardner, E. Greenwich xxx- For More Information: Jan Sawyer, 874-2116