Best of 2019

(Re)discover our favorite homepage features of the year.

Tracking the Timberdoodle

Drab, stout, short, and round, the Timberdoodle, a.k.a. the American Woodcock, doesn’t stand out in a crowd. At first.

An Avian with Attitude

Building on Excellence

Record-setting gift to URI will advance neuroscience research, create scholarships, and assist in construction of basketball training facility.

Look Forward

The Internationalists

URI has become a unique training ground for a new generation of students immersing themselves in the study of language and culture.


Pioneering Exploration

There is another half of America—an estimated 3 billion acres—beneath the ocean’s surface that we know very little about. That’s about to change.

Go Deeper

Space Invaders

The invasion is underway. Millions have come by boat, tucked away in holes, shedding babies through ballast water. They deploy under cover of night or in broad daylight.

Press Start

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

For Andrew Burnap ’13, who’s acting in London’s hottest play The Inheritance, real success is seeing an audience moved by a story well told.

Admit One

Building for the Future

Things are looking good. When the school year begins in September, you’ll see what big thinking and $286 million in construction projects can produce.


Off to a Healthy Start

Delaying the clamping of a newborn’s umbilical cord for just five minutes could have long-term health benefits, a new URI nursing study asserts.

Take Five

Hit the Streets

On a clear and cold Tuesday evening in February a small, slight figure walks a busy city street in Rhode Island’s capital city of Providence, approaching strangers most would go out of their way to avoid.

A Student's Story of Service

Blue Minds

At URI, we are at home in the ocean. Our love of the sea is a net gain for science, engineering, literature, art, and the environment. Maybe even humanity itself.

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