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Winning Captions, Summer 2020

Summer winners: Climbing the Walls

Well, readers, there must have been a lot of wall-climbing going on in URI residence halls in the 1970s.

Students propping themselves above the floor in a corridor using their hands and feet agains the walls

The photo in the summer issue was sent to us by a reader who said it was a photo of him with his roommate and another student who lived down the hall in Fayerweather in 1973.

Another reader wrote to say her sister was the one in the back, with only legs visible, and that it was Heathman Hall, 1973.

One reader said it was definitely a photo of her husband outside his room on the fourth floor of Fayerweather, but that it must have been after 1973, since he wasn’t at URI until a couple years later.

Yet another said Heathman Hall, 1977.

So it’s a mystery. But a fun one. Further clues and guesses are always welcome! •

Winning Caption
“This COVID-19 quarantine is driving us up the wall!!!”
Tom Mulvey, M.A. ’67

“The floor is lava!!”
Nancy Ryan ’00

Honorable Mention
“Why didn’t you tell me they painted the floor?”
Sheila Whalen Masson ’63