Caption Contest – Summer 2023 Winners


Well, shoot. We don’t have a lot of information about this photo from the University Archives. It’s undated and labeled simply, “Archery-Athletics.”

Nevertheless, you, Rhody readers, submitted a lot of fun and creative captions. Many, including one of our runners-up, tapped into the news stories about spy balloons earlier this year. And there were a handful of seagull/clam cake captions, including the one below. How very Rhody of you!

Photo: Courtesy URI digital archives

Summer 2023 Winners

Winning Caption
“URI’s crack anti-UFO battalion springs into action.”
—Carl Lindstrom, M.S. ’89

“That’ll be the last time they try to fly a spy balloon over URI!”
—Brad Sherman ’88

“This ought to teach those seagulls not to steal our clam cakes and french fries again!”
—Alex Larson ’77

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